Hallo: Festspiele 2018

  • Hallo Festspiele 2018 (Foto: pellebuys)

  • Hallo Festspiele 2018

  • Hallo Festspiele 2018 (Foto: Johannes Kollender)

  • Hallo Festspiele 2018 (Foto: Johannes Kollender)

  • Hallo Festspiele 2018 (Foto: Johannes Kollender)

  • Hallo Festspiele 2018 (Foto: Aniette Sültz)

This year’s edition is dedicated to the question of how we can metaphorically, symbolically, and actually move onto and into water, transforming it from a social void into a public space. Together with artists, neighbors and water experts, the adjacent river Bille and its banks will be tested as a space of possibility. What views emerge when we look at the city from the water and how can they find their way into the development of Hamburg?

The starting point for this is a temporary jetty on the water side of the Kraftwerk Bille, built by #container. The owner of the former coal-fired power plant and industrial monument is MIB AG. Since 2015, the HALLO: Festival has repeatedly made various parts of this private site public. This time from the water.
If the Kraftwerk Bille is flooded with the public waters of the Bille, will it turn into a public swimming pool?

As a transdisciplinary format, the HALLO: Festival explores unused places and their contexts in order to create space there for long-term initiatives and thus public uses. Through this way of working, the supporting association Hallo: e.V. was able to establish the Schaltzentrale as an experimental and artistically working neighbourhood bureau in the Kraftwerk Bille.

Sponsored by:
Ministry for Culture and Media, Hamburg Cultural Foundation, Fonds Perspektive, Hamburg Mitte District Assembly

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