Hallo: Radiospiele 2020 Edition I

Edition 1 with Atelier Silmandé and the Hallo:Radio

Hallo: Radio Outernational – everything far away is now very close! The HALLO: Festival remains on perm and invites to the Radio Games 2021. Concerts, radio plays, DJ sets and readings in three editions.
In Edition 1 we stream concerts and interviews LIVE from Ouagadougou from the Salon Musique of our friends at Atelier Silmandé as well as from the Schaltzentrale in Hamburg. A transnational program with Alif Naaba, Wendlamita Kouka, Amzy, Nika Son, Phuong-Dan, Museum of No Art and many more.

  • Hallo Radiospiele Edition I(Foto: Antje Sauer)

  • Hallo Radiospiele (Foto: Antje Sauer)

  • Hallo Radiospiele Edition I (Foto: Antje Sauer)

  • Hallo Radiospiele Edition I (Foto: Antje Sauer)

Saturday, 12.12.2020 from 15:00 – 23:00 and Sunday, 13.12.2020 from 12:00 – 22:30 on halloradio.net. If you miss a broadcast, you can listen to it at any time in our online archive.


As far as the cables carry. See you on the Internet.