Speculating on Collective Futures

  • Hallo Kraftwerk Bille Hamburg GmbH - Zeit fair zu verkaufen!

In the context of the exhibition “Life on Planet Orsimanirana” Hallo: e.V. organizes together with the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe and the Gängeviertel Hamburg the closing festival of the exhibition. On day three, we imagine collective futures together, as.
we all produce city. Nevertheless, the city does not belong to all of us. It belongs primarily to pension funds, investors and share owners. It is time to speculate together on more just urban and planetary futures! For this we invite you to the Kraftwerk Bille in Hammerbrook. Within the framework of performative, discursive and musical moments, we call for collective participation in urban design processes. To imagine and try out collaborative forms, spaces of exchange and assembly are needed.

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