Hallo: is an open network, a platform, a framework for diverse projects and initiatives, embedded in a neighborhood in Hamburg East. We work as an open and self-organized structure.

Hallo: opens up private and public spaces and turns them into collaborative places. The means are artistic, performative, mediating, negotiating, formalizing and connecting.

Hallo:’s overarching thematic focus is community-oriented urban space and cultural production.

The non-profit “Hallo: Verein zur Förderung raumöffnender Kultur e.V.” was founded in July 2015. As the supporting association of the “Hallo: Festival“, has made it its mission to make inaccessible places usable to the public and for the long term. At the “Kraftwerk Bille” in Hamburg, this first goal was achieved with the opening of the “Schaltzentrale” is reached, from where also the Hallo:Radio sends. As an interface between neighborhood culture, art and urban development, a public space for neighborhood and artistic space production as well as for exchange about forms of co-determination in urban design has existed here since 2016 – especially with regard to the development of the so-called East of Hamburg. This initiative gave rise in 2018 to the long-term project “WERK“, which provides for a cooperative takeover of the power plant’s front building, known as the Zählerwerk.

Furthermore, the association forms together with the landscape architects atelier le balto a consortium, which together with a primarily local team develops the project “PARKS, which works on the collective development of green and open spaces.

Due to a change of ownership at the Bille power plant, the WERK project will not be realized at the power plant. In addition, the Schaltzentrale space were terminated by the new owner on Jan. 31, 2023.