The “Schaltzentrale” is an experimental and artistically oriented neighborhood bureau in Hamburg’s Hammerbrook district. Located in the front building of a former electric power plant, the Kraftwerk Bille, space is created for arrivals and interested parties. With residencies, talks, performances, festivals, exhibitions, public construction sites and performative guided tours, the imposing premises of the area will be made accessible to the public. As a meeting place for neighbors and people working in the surrounding area, the “Schaltzentrale” offers, among other things, working and exhibition space and forms a platform for exchange about alternative forms of urban development – especially about the developments of the so-called East of Hamburg, which is the focus of the urban development master plan “Stromaufwärts an Elbe und Bille”. Translated with (free version)

Due to a termination of the new owner of the Kraftwerk Bille as of 31.01.2023, the project Schaltzentrale ends for the time being.

  • Schaltzentrale

  • Schaltzentrale Pizza (Foto: Nicolas Doering)

  • Schaltzentrale Innenhof (Foto: Johannes Kollender)

  • Schaltzentrale Saunaraum (Foto: Laura Léglise)

  • Schaltzentrale (Foto: Laura Léglise)

  • Schaltzentrale Cafe (Foto: Laura Léglise)