Hallo: Festspiel 2017

  • hallo Festspiele 2017 ferdinand forsch and friends (Foto-pelle_buys)

  • Hallo Festspiele 2017 pedro sousa (foto-Laura-Leglise)

  • Hallo Festspiele 2017 (Foto Laura-Leglise)

For the third year, the “Hallo Festspiele” explore the upper floors of the Kraftwerk Bille area – auditive and vertically! A total of 40 (sound) artists and musicians will develop and perform over two weekends on a total of five floors throughout the Kraftwerk.

The “Schaltzentrale” invites to the neighborly program and “Vanessa17” is just moving into the courtyard.

On the first weekend, the musical theater piece “zero decibels” developed at the power plant will play on four evenings.

Two concerts on Friday and a celebration on Saturday will be held in the power plant’s transformer hall to inaugurate the festival center.

The second weekend will feature very different installations, walks, performances, concerts and parties in the numerous Kraftwerk Bille spaces and floors.

Trailer Hallo Festival 2017