Hello: e.V. book presentation spatial commons (dagmar pelger and kathrin wildner)


From the announcement text of the publisher “adocs”:

What do urban open spaces have to do with commercial space and housing? All these spaces can be understood as commons in the sense of the community of the city. They form different types of spaces of commons when they are inclusively and collectively appropriated and then function beyond the attributions of public and private. These spatial resources of the city, as well as the rules, conventions, and social relations that organize coexistence in these spaces, are based on a notion of property that is oriented toward shared use rather than profit. Dagmar Pelger explores the multi-layered and also contradictory potential of the concept of the commons. Through cartographic inventories at concrete locations in Berlin, spatial phenomena and attributions of this communalization become visible. The interdisciplinary mappings provide information about types, processes and sets of rules of spatial commons and thus also show ways of shaping the city as a spatial common.
The book adeptly clarifies conceptual terminology and demonstrates practical methods of describing space. Thus, it addresses urban researchers, architects and planners, as well as cultural producers and all those who are interested in or would like to work on use-oriented processes of community creation and mapping as a spatial explorative tool.

Dagmar Pelger is an architect and guest lecturer for urban planning at the UdK Berlin. She teaches and researches mapping methods as collaborative design tools and models of communalizing urban spatial production from landscape to neighborhood. Since 2017 she is part of the planning cooperative coopdisco Berlin.

Kathrin Wildner is an urban ethnologist, founding member of the metroZones Center for Urban Affairs in Berlin, co-curator of “Gemeine Stadt” and researches local practices of the urban and transnational linkages in New York, Mexico City, Istanbul, Marseille, Bogotá as well as other urban fabrics. She has participated in numerous international projects, publications and exhibitions.

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