Drawing from case studies and concepts from Hamburg and beyond, we want to look at the expanded field of urban curating and its correspondence with performing arts, critical spatial practice, urban practice, organisational system thinking, community-based planning, and cultural planning, among others. At the intersection of eco-social practice and urban planning lies a radical, relational, queer-feminist approach to repairing and maintaining our cities. We wish to ask: how can urban curating serve to pull these practices together despite their differences, and highlight their shared values for civic political engagement in a way that has an impact on politics in the city?

How to join: The gathering is an internal working session reflecting PARKS and the social design class network and processes. Most of the gathering is programmed in small-scale to intimate conversational formats and working sessions. We will move from ritual, to hologram, to workshop, to assembly. The program is deliberately slow and small, focusing on encounters and knowledge exchange at an informal pace.

Key moments of the working gathering are opening up the site and process to the public and inviting more voices in. These open moments are the evening program, book launch and night walks, and final assembly. PLEASE JOIN US! find more details below.


The gathering will shift between German and English.

Von: Jennifer Aksu, Franziska Dehm, Julia Marie Englert, Hallo: e.V., Hallo: Radio, Dorothee Halbrock, Gilly Karjevsky, Klasse Social Design HFBK Hamburg, Katja Kruglikova, Johanna Padge, PACT Zollverein, PARKS, PK3000, Lukas Siemoneit, Nuriye Tohermes, ZOLLO.

Klasse Social Design HFBK: Karolina Kaiser, Charlotte Perka, Anna Stapelfeldt, Sandra Schumann, Lola Bott, Karla Krey, Benjamin Bakhshi, Julia Nordholz

Mit u.a.: AKAKAF – Arbeitskreis Akustik und Antifaschismus, Jacopo Asam, atelier le balto, Katarina Bajc, Laura Bernhardt, Ellen Blumenstein, Susanne Bosch, Daniel Dominguez Teruel, Kathrin Dröppelmann, Fran Edgerley, Felix Egle, fem_arc, Jesko Fezer, Anna Hentschel, Stefan Hilterhaus, Barbara Holub, Elke Krasny, Kirstin Lazarova, Benjamin Melzer, Mikropol e.V., Kristina Nauditt, Britta Peters, Marjetica Potrć, Johannes Reinicke, Jane Rendell, Alona Rodeh, Nora Sternfeld, Antje Stokman, Maren Stocklöw, Lorenzo Toma, Renée Tribble, Eliza Wagener, Rebecca Wall, Kathrin Wildner.

Unterstützt von: PARKS, HFBK Hamburg, Fonds DaKü und PACT Zollverein

Contact and further questions: curator@urbancurating.org