touch, don’t touch (Graphic: Leon Lechner)


In the context of “41 years of art in public space“.

As an association of artists, designers and urban sociologists, we are developing a new kind of sculpture park in 3 phases and 5 work areas. The focus is on the spatial and social fabric of the Alter Recyclinghof (AR) in Hammerbrook. The past, present and future of the 5000m2 public space will be considered. Working methods and findings can potentially be transferred, perpetuated and maintained in the long term.

Touch don’t touch (Tdt) understands sculpture as a social structure, performative action, and relational object that seeks contact and creates relationships. We believe the AR can already be understood as a new kind of sculpture park, this thesis will be tested and (further) developed in the course of Tdt. The AR has been in a publicly funded collaborative transformation process since 2019. This led to the opening of the AR, building measures, the preservation of existing structures as well as new uses – basketball games to research – by people from all over the city.


Superimposition – based on questions of memory and forgetting of translocal history, strives for the development of a collective, site-specific para-monument (concept by N. Sternfeld). Questions about urban memory culture will be negotiated and a conjuncture of the static and canonized monument will be undertaken.

Roof inside roof – is both the formal editing of the building structure of the only* public roof in Hamburg, as well as the questioning, further development and re-construction of the social structure on which it is based.

europe – The illuminated lettering “EUROPA” has been permanently installed on the roof of the Kraftwerk Bille since 2019. From there it shines brightly over the roofs of Hamburg and, illuminating the darkness, is intended as a reminder of the fundamental values of the EU such as human dignity, freedom, equality and democracy.

The EU is not the same as Europe. The mythological figure of Europa is, at its core, a millennia-old tale from the Orient. For the sound installation europa , Daniel Dominguez Teruel adds a loudspeaker to the light installation. An old oriental song can be heard. The public space around the Alter Recyclinghof thus becomes an associative space for the symbol of Europe as a bringer of culture in relation to the identity crisis of the EU with its domestic and foreign policies.

Meet on the Radio – opens a broadcast studio at the Alter Recyclinghof and points beyond the physical space. The radio program is an archive and platform, a virtual discussion space that considers interpretive sovereignties and the exchange relationship between broadcasters and listeners.

Transferred into ceramics – is the collaborative production of a ceramic mural under the roof on the A, which transfers symbols and references from the process Tdt but also refers to existing, past and future uses and potentials.


With Daniel Dominguez Ruel, Kathrin Dröppelmann, Julia Englert, Tino Holzmann, Stephanie Jacobs, Magarete Kiss, Leon Lechner, Nina Manz, Johanna Padge, Kirsten Plöhn ,Nuriye Tohermes, Lorenzo Toma, Till Richter, Katrin Scharte .