Graphic: Rocket&Wink

Pandora was the first FLINTA created from clay. Endowed with all the talents to seduce humankind, they dismissed all the beautiful evils of the world and left only hope behind. The world under capitalism. Non-binary counterparts, and hopefully also goddesses, have been working ever since to preserve commons and create new ones – to share instead of exploit, to nurture instead of dominate. The shape of these queer commons and how we can shape others is what we want to explore this evening. In different modes of conversation, we will share transnational knowledge, work together with the clay of the earth and on a sculpture, locate ourselves in the realities of the theatre space, talk to each other and hopefully end up dancing together.


by and with: Fran Edgerley, Dorothee Halbrock, Hallo: e.V. / PARKS, POSSY, Nuriye Tohermes, Clara Umbach, Aska WelfordLuka Lenzin, Artemis Kondyli Roussou, Didine van der Platenvlotbrug and others.


Ticket Info: The event is part of the Cruising Mythology Symposium at the Deutsches SchauSpielHaus and tickets cost 18€/ erm.11€, series purchase 3 evenings: 15€ each/ erm. 8€. If you can’t pay for even the discounted tickets, let us know! All welcome!