“Sternstunde Null” is a documentary film about the planned demolition and new construction of the Sternbrücke in Hamburg-Altona and the effects on the district and the cultural scene located there. As part of the production, the events and developments since the publication of the new building plans were accompanied by film, and more than 20 interviews were conducted with representatives from culture, science, politics and those affected on site. Among others, the following will have their say: Club operators Marco Francke and Stefanie Rettinger, filmmaker Fatih Akin, BDA chairman Daniel Kinz, mobility researcher Dr. Philline Gaffron (TUHH), editor & industrial archaeologist Sven Badua, representatives of local citizens’ movements, as well as some political actors.

Sternstunde Null, Paul Uhlig, D 2021, 45 min

Film screening and discussion with the filmmakers – Admission Free